Combining Multiple Parts into One: A Key Advantage of RIM

Advantage of Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction Injection Molding or RIM is a process used to produce a wide variety of polyurethane parts, including: structural foam, solid RIM, elastomeric, flexible foam, and composite parts. These are used in multiple different industries, ranging from automotive to medical.

RIM involves using polymer liquids – polyol and isocyanate. These liquid polymers are dispensed through high-pressure pumps at low pressure into aluminum molds, which are temperature controlled. injected into heated molds. Inside the mold, the combined chemicals produce an exothermic reaction transforming the liquids into a molded part. This process allows you to easily create products that are customizable according to your desired tolerance, density, weight, thickness, and hardness.

Because the RIM process is perfect for larger, lightweight parts, designing several parts into one part can reduce the need for multiple molds and the labor required for assembling multiple parts. Additionally, over-molding sheet metal or steel can eliminate the need for hinges or attachment points creating additional cost savings.

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