Assembly Process

Our expertise with assembly builds a great reaction

RIM Manufacturing’s insistence on customer success and satisfaction has led us to offer various methods of assembly. We are always looking for ways to lower overall production costs, and partial or full assembly services can help.

Partial Assembly – often, component parts can be added to the molded reaction injection molding part, reducing cost and improving reliability by reducing the number of touches a part receives. These component parts can be hardware, mounting brackets, hinges, wire harnesses, sensors and more. This process of Partial Assembly might also include using component parts to attach several reaction injection molding parts together, which can later be integrated into the complete system.

Full Assembly – RIM Manufacturing also offers Full Assembly of polyurethane parts. We collaborate with your engineers, designers, and consultants to develop a set of full assembly Work Instructions and manage the procurement of some or all sub-assembly required items. Our Quality Department tests our fully assembled products, certifying operational functionality. We can even manage the customization of shipping containers as part of the Full Assembly process.

Injection molding process
Men working at Reaction injection molding plant