About RIM Manufacturing

The way we work gets a very positive reaction.

Founded in 1979, RIM Manufacturing, LLC has grown to be one of the largest independently owned plants in the country specializing in custom Reaction Injection Molding. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Certified for RIM Molding and Electro-Mechanical Assembly, RIM Manufacturing offers the widest range of chemistries to exactly meet your manufacture needs. We are acknowledged industry experts who optimize Reaction Injection Molding processes for our clients by contributing significant design expertise.

Every member of RIM Manufacturing is dedicated to making our clients successful in each phase of the production process – part and CAD design, mold design and manufacturing, part production, secondary processing, painting and silk screening, assembly, packaging, and shipping.

While we are one of the most experienced leaders in the business, our operating plant floor space that exceeds 45,000 square feet and our three-acre site allow us to be flexible in our processes, nimble in our response to client needs. Our location near Dallas/Fort Worth, one of the world’s most significant air and land transportation hubs, streamlines schedules and parts delivery and costs to go to market.

When you consider all these advantages, you’ll have this reaction: RIM Manufacturing is the partner that is uniquely positioned to accelerate you company’s success.

Medtronic Autolog Front from injection molding