Benefits of Reaction Injection Molding

RIM Molding is an excellent process for producing large, lightweight parts. The sweet spot for volumes ranges from a few hundred to several thousand parts per year.  And because of the wide variety of chemistries offered, parts produced can be structural foam, flexible foam, elastomeric, or solid RIM.  What’s more, the low temperatures and low pressures incorporated within the RIM process,  offer design opportunities that are superior to other processes such as injection molding, thermoforming, vacuum molding, and cast molding.

Additional Advantages of Reaction Injection Molding:

  • Variable wall thickness
  • Molded-in bosses, ribs, inserts, tabs, or undercuts
  • Flexible cosmetic surfaces or part design
  • Encapsulation (over-molding) capabilities
  • Dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • In-mold painting or post-paint
  • Low tooling cost

Technical Properties include:

  • Impact resistance
  • Dimensional stability and strength
  • Design tolerance
  • Wear- and corrosion-resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Electrical non-conduction
  • Sound absorption
  • Natural adhesion

Longer Cycle Times

To achieve creative and uniquely designed parts using RIM Molding, the production process requires longer cycle times.  The liquid chemicals used in RIM molding will more easily flow within complex tools to fully fill the cavity of the mold and, therefore, take longer to become a finished part.  A process like injection molding, which incorporates high temperatures and high pressures to quickly fill the mold cavity, has a much shorter cycle time. 

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